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Implementation Capacity Support

The Parenting Research Centre works closely with provider agencies to support the delivery of the Intensive Family Support Service (IFSS) by building on their strengths and local expertise.

We are one of several organisations funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services as part of its support for an Implementation Capacity Support Service to help all IFSS provider agencies.

In our role as an Implementation Capacity Support Service organisation, we work in partnership with several of the non-government service providers in the Northern Territory to help them implement IFSS.

Our team offers structured support that builds organisational capacity, and provides on-the-ground support to the local workforce. We tailor our approach to facilitate effective implementation and to help families reach their goals. Our services include the development of an IFSS practice model for each provider, training, coaching, resources for IFSS workers, and a continuous quality improvement approach to program evaluation.

Yarning mat

The yarning mat is a practical visual resource that helps IFSS workers engage with families. The mat enables families to talk about their lives and concerns for children in a safe, non-shaming, and culturally sensitive way.

The yarning mat was designed by Faye Parriman, a Yamatji woman from the Nhanda clan in the wild flower country of the Western Desert area. She is also a Noongar woman from the Balladong clan in South Western Australia. Her language is Wajarri. Faye is an Implementation Specialist and Practice Coach with the Parenting Research Centre. With input from other members of our team, Faye consulted with a range of people to create the final design.

The mat design is based on cultural knowledge and extensive understanding of Aboriginal kinship systems, relationships, family and community life. IFSS workers are trained to use the mat to engage families to share their stories. It enables families to have a stronger voice in directing, guiding and implementing changes in their lives to gain positive outcomes for their children.

See our video for more about the yarning mat

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